Why Do You Need Lead Abatement?

Why Do You Need Lead Abatement?

Before its ban in 1978, lead paint was used in more than 38 million homes in the US. So it’s quite possible that you and your loved ones are exposed to lead dust every single day. But why should you care about it? Well, other than the fact that CDC allocated $600,735 to Pennsylvania alone for prevention of lead poisoning in children last year – lead exposure and poisoning causes physical, emotional and behavioral issues – here are a few other reasons why you should look into lead abatement services:

It’s the Law!

The government takes your health very seriously, thus anything that might prove a health hazard is usually ordered to be removed. Lead poisoning is one such dilemma. The Environmental Protection Agency or EPA recommends lead abatement in all buildings constructed pre-1978. And for some individual cases, makes it compulsory. This is to protect you and your family from the damaging effects of lead toxins that prevail in those buildings.

Health Risk

There’s a reason why EPA is so adamant on lead removal from homes. Lead dust affects children, who are most susceptible to the toxins, adults and more specifically pregnant women!  The toxins attack the nervous system of the unborn baby and may cause complications in delivery and later development of the baby. Therefore, it’s advised if you have little bundles of joy at home or you are expecting one, it’s best to consult a lead abatement contractor to secure your family.

It is Everywhere!

The scariest part of lead exposure is that it can happen anywhere and everywhere. The toxins can be in the air you breathe, so there’s no point running. A few sources of lead exposure can be:

This just goes to show that no place is safe. So get lead abatement to secure places that you once thought were harmless.

Repair, Renovation, Painting

If you’re getting any of the above done to your house, chances are you’ve exposed your home to lead toxins. The RRP rule of EPA clearly states that if any of the projects mentioned above disturb the lead-based paint in homes, especially built before 1978, they should be treated immediately. Therefore, it’s crucial to contact licensed lead abatement contractors, who can inspect the problem and offer permanent solutions to lead exposure.

We at ACI-Tech are not only certified and licensed by the EPA, but also have over 5 years of experience in lead abatement services. You can contact us for lead abatement, removal as well as asbestos testing and removal, across Pennsylvania; because nothing matters to us more than the safety of your family!