Signs You Have Been Exposed to Lead Poisoning

Lead poisoning is usually caused by contact with lead-based paint in old buildings, especially the ones constructed before 1978. Lead poisoning causes severe health issues in people; however, children are more susceptible to its adverse effects. In fact, if the exposure is prolonged it can prove deadly as well. Thankfully, lead poisoning can be treated […]

What Should You Look for in an Asbestos Removal Service

Asbestos poisoning is a real concern for people living in the US where, sadly, the use of asbestos is still not completely banned! And given that asbestos poisoning is the leading cause of Mesothelioma, asbestos testing and its simultaneous removal should be the immediate course of action for anyone who’s experienced any signs of being exposed to […]

Why Do You Need Lead Abatement?

Before its ban in 1978, lead paint was used in more than 38 million homes in the US. So it’s quite possible that you and your loved ones are exposed to lead dust every single day. But why should you care about it? Well, other than the fact that CDC allocated $600,735 to Pennsylvania alone for […]

Lead-based Paints: A Cause for Concern

If you’re living in a property constructed before 1978, there’s a great chance that the walls are covered with lead-based paints. This can lead to a serious case of lead contamination, especially in the case of small children and pregnant women. Here are the health concerns related to lead-based paints and how it affects both […]

What are the Health Hazards of Asbestos?

Asbestos is a bundle of six minerals that occurs naturally. It can be drawn out into thin fibers and used in a number of industrial and construction purposes. Asbestos gained popularity in the US in the 1800s and became a profitable material for various industries as it was very cheap and provided a number of […]

How To Identify And Get Rid Of Asbestos In Your Home

Asbestos refers to a bundle of six minerals that can be made out into thin threads of fiber. These fibers are good insulators and resist electricity and heat efficiently. Because of this reason, asbestos had been widely used in various industrial and commercial applications. For example, asbestos fibers when mixed with plastics and cement were […]

Why You Should Stay FAR Away From DIY Asbestos-Removal Projects

Asbestos refers to a natural mineral that can be pulled out into a fibrous consistency. These fibers are flexible, soft and resistant to electricity, corrosion and heat. Since asbestos proved to be a good insulator, it was mixed with several materials in olden times to add strength to them. These materials included: plastic, cement, paper […]

Is It Safe To Remove Asbestos Floor Tiles on Your Own?

Out of all the home products that contain asbestos, the vinyl asbestos floor tile is perhaps the safest.  That is, until it sustains any damage or when you attempt to remove it from your home.

Are Asbestos Popcorn Ceilings Really Safe?

Popcorn ceilings, stucco ceilings, cottage-cheese ceilings, textured, or acoustic ceilings were common names given to spray-on textured ceilings that became highly popular in the US during the mid-twentieth century and all the way to 1980s.

3 Places Your Still Likely to Find Asbestos

Since it’s almost impossible to identify an asbestos-containing material simply by looking at it, the substance can still be found in places where you’d least expect it to be. While most people assume that asbestos risk is a thing of the past, its use was never completely banned (except in commercial paper, spray-on insulation, and flooring […]